Sunday, June 28, 2015

Find Out How Much Your Favorite Rappers Get Paid Per Show (20 pics)

Complex recently put together a list that revealed how much famous rappers are getting paid for each show they perform at. You might be shocked to find out that some rappers make a lifetime worth of money in a single night.

Mac Miller: $75k

Ludacris: $80k
2 Chainz: $85k
Childish Gambino: $85k
A$AP Rocky: $90k-$120k
Rick Ross: $100k
Lauryn Hill: $100k
Snoop Dogg: $100k
The Roots: $100k

Kid Cudi: $110k

Wiz Khalifa: $115k

j. Cole: $125k

Kendrick Lamar: $125k+

50 Cent: $150k+

Nicki Minaj: $250k+

Lil Wayne: $300k+

Drake: $350k-$600k

Macklemore: $350k-$700k

Kanye West: $500k+

Jay Z: $1,000,000+


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