Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Adventurer converts his grandma's van into a mobile home (15 Pics)

This is Travis Burke.

The 28-year-old travels the continent capturing jaw-dropping imagery in the hope of inspiring others to look further than their own backyard.

Travis is able to make his journey, which is currently open-ended, thanks to a few select companies who sponsor what he does

His grandma's 1994 Dodge Ram Van (Before)
Pimpin' up the inside.
The Dodge Ram van has been customized with solar panels, a sink, a fold out bed and even a mini fridge.
Burke took about three months to convert his Grandmother's van which cost roughly £5,000
The psychedelic scenery at The Wave in Arizona
A room with an incredible view! A daring but spectacular place to pitch a tent in San Diego, California

The stunning Havisu Fall in Arizona by night
A long exposure of the night sky behind the Delicate Arch in Utah.
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

A starry night sky in Vermont, USA

A tightrope walk to a tent which is suspended mid-air above a beach in Hawaii

The dangerous but breathtaking mountain path dubbed the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii


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