Sunday, August 30, 2015

America's most awkward class photos showcase a range of VERY questionable hairstyles (48 Pics)

'My kindergarten photo, discovered in my parents attic today during a return visit home. Clearly, my parents nailed it' 

'Yeah, so I heard my best friend was made into a meme called the 60 year-old girl?' 

'My daughter started Pre-K at the school I taught at when she had just turned 3. This is her first school photo ever. Thankfully she’s gotten the hang of smiling (and school!) down' 

'Taken probably in 1996. To this day, I’m still questioning how my mom and hairdresser thought this ‘do was a good look'

'This is my absolutely favorite childhood picture of my husband. He was 12 years old. It was taken a day after Easter with his pet rat' 

'When my son asks why he can’t get his hair cut in a style he thinks is ‘cool’, I show him this photo from my freshman year in high school'

'This is my school photo for my junior year in high school. I laugh every time I see it and yes, I was sober FYI' 

'My best friend exhibiting every bad kid haircut all at once'

'Me in sixth grade. Enjoy' 
'One morning two years ago my son had a bad hair day. As a third grade boy, he did not want to remedy this – no matter what I said. I gave up' 

'I show my boyfriend this picture from my childhood and suddenly reproducing with me is off the table' 

'In the band'
'My son wanted to wear his Spawn Halloween costume for picture day at school. Of course, we said no. Stubborn child that he was, he hid the costume in his back pack and wore it anyway!' 

'Brush all your fears aside' 
'This was one of my most awkward years, early 80′s when Urban Cowboy was blowing up at the box office. My school decided that spring photos would be exactly that'

'The heat is on'
'This is my pre-school picture. I had a fit and would not get my picture taken unless I could put my belt on my head. So my mom did what she had to do' 

'My husband was a Boy Scout. This is the day he earned his ‘Awkwardness Badge' 

'This is a photo of me – my friends thought this was worth sharing with the site as I’ve become infamous for the phone dress. I don’t know what my mother was thinking'

'Apparently my mother thought it was appropriate to take me to a rave in a dalmation outfit. Needless to say, I was not happy' 

'Here’s what we know for sure– he’s sensitive to light, he benches, and he’s on the verge of flipping his collar at all times' 

'It also works as an anklet' 
'Thank you, school photographers, for always making sure we look our best' 

'And that was the designer model' 
'My class we had to do a project where we were a living museum. Somehow, my ‘exhibit’ was the Earth itself. This was the end result, and I’m so proud of this picture I have it framed in my apartment to confuse guests' 

'Feel the heat' 
'The pencil is mightier than the sword, that is, if you can pick it up'

'Some people are meant to shine' 
'This textbook armshelf would get a 10, even from the Russian judge' 

'Kelly dares anyone to submit a better permullet' 

'Here kitty kitty'
'Computer whiz kid' 
'As a young man he was juggling a lot'

'Soccer is life' 
'Shining under the stars and the bright big moon' 

'Making it pop in a very brightly colored floral design and visor'

'A slevveles suit jacket in silver lame is perfect for all occasions'

'Getting a bird's-eye view from over the shoulder' 

 'Shades, suspenders and no shirt? No problem' 
'Preparing for space with his favorite ship' 
'A little unhappy with the photographer selected for the day'

'Giving peace a chance, despite her broken arm.' 

'Original fly girl' 
'Chilling at the laser show in an oversized shirt' 

'His two greatest passions in life - soccer and apples' 

'Showing off some band pride' 
'Not everyone is a happy camper when it comes time to have their class photo taken'


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