Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Want This Homemade Wood Beer Pong Table So Bad! (10 Pics)

This is the pile of wood he had to work with. Not in bad shape, perfect for a DIY project such as this.
The first thing he did was to assemble a simple frame. Nothing fancy here as a beer pong table doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to function.
He then laid out the boards as they would be when the project was completed to make sure all the measurements worked out as they should.
Now this is where the build gets thrown off track a little bit. The traced out "S" in the center of the table is the symbol for Michigan State University. I am a University of Michigan fan. When I first saw this picture I had the incredible urge to find this table, and smash it to bits. I gathered myself though and remembered I'm a professional who would never jeopardize the integrity of my writing like that.
That green is a pretty disgusting color. A nice block "M" in a nice maize would look much better right there.
He used the middle boards that flow the opposite way of the rest of the wood on which to paint the disgusting green "S".
He then cut the side boards to length. The whole table looks great so far.
Fold up legs were added for some much needed convenience. If you have ever transported a beer pong table before, you know that fold up legs are pretty much invaluable.
He might want to clean out his garage instead of adding more stuff to it however.
Finished product, stained and all. It looks pretty rad I must admit. You don't have to worry much about this thing breaking either. 


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