Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Rescued Dog And Chicken Are Best Friends (11 Pics)

These two adorable and unlikely animal friends, Penny the chicken and Roo the two-legged Chihuahua, met each other through Alicia Williams, who works at Duluth Animal Hospital in Duluth, Georgia.  She saved both animals from almost certain death. The two beautiful animals have developed a liking for each other and spend a lot of time together. The animal hospital has taken to publishing the two pals’ antics on their Facebook page, attracting a great deal of attention from animal lovers around the world. Williams even says that clients have scheduled their visits around Penny and Roo’s schedules. This is absolutely the cutest thing and simply melts my heart!
Roo the Chihuahua was found in a ditch by the side of the road. Because he was found missing two legs, it was suspected that he had been born deformed at a backyard puppy breeder’s home and abandoned because it would have been difficult to sell a two legged dog.
Penny, a silkie chicken, had been rescued from a laboratory that otherwise would have put her down. She was an experimental chicken in the program and she had run the course of the experiment, so that was it for her,”  Williams told the Gwinnett Daily Post. “I asked if I could have her instead of them doing anything with her. I brought her home.”
As you can see, these two pals love to just play and wrestle together.
Since Roo does not have front legs, he had a custom cart made for him to get around.
Ahhhh I'll be their Valentine.
The two best friends get along really well, although sometimes Roo accidentally runs over Penny with his cart.
Penny is a Silkie Chicken so her feathers are very fluffy and silk like.
hen he gets a bath, he looks like a completely different chicken.
They're showing off their tutus too.
These two are inseparable.

penny has even started laying eggs for her new owner, Alicia Williams.


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