Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A House Precariously Perched 100 Feet in the Air (9 Pics)

School tours at the University of California San Diego just got a little more interesting. Take a look at this house built on the top corner of a building. While it may look like an error from the set of Wizard Of Oz, it’s actually supposed to be there, looking like it could tip over at any second.
This house is called "Fallen Star". It was invented by an artist named Do Ho Suh.
At first Do Ho Suh thought it was just a pipe dream. He never thought that the vision he had would become a reality.
It sits about 100 feet in the air, resting on the corner of the Engineering Building 1 at the University of California San Diego.
Even the outside of this house was carefully planned, with the front door being surrounded by a rooftop garden. The garden includes tomato plants along with a peach tree.
Inside you'll find that it's fully furnished with rugs, chairs, and even a fireplace.
Don't worry, the fireplace does occasionally release smoke into the air.
At first a lot of people thought this was just a hollow shell of a house, but then they go inside and are very surprised by what they find.
It definitely draws a crowd and makes people think at the same time. 

A lot of people gathered to see the installation of the house when it first arrived as well.


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