Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mummified corpse found in Moscow garage 2.5 years after death

During 2.5 years Andrey Gorbov had been considered missing.
Only after his wife decided to sell the garage she discovered terrible truth. Andrey committed suicide and left 4 suicide notes.

Especially Kirill, forgive me. I am very bad father. Please, try to understand me.

Natasha, thanks for all. Forgive me. Finally you get rid of me.

Wishes :
1) incineration
2) Do not take remains if you want
3) I don't need funeral feast. I insist.
4) Don't tell my mother.
5) Forget me.
For Police Department

I am Gorbov Andrey in adequate condition turning on the endgine of my car. There is no reason to blame somebody. This is suicide. 


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