Saturday, October 24, 2015

Here Are 23 Then And Now Photos From 'Back To The Future' Locations (46 Pics)

1. Marty McFly skating in front of Doc Brown's garage/ lab in 1985.
The site of Doc Brown's garage/ lab in 2015.
2. Marty skating by Burger King in 1985.
That same Burger King in Burbank California, 2015.
3. The Streets of Hill Valley, 1985.
The Streets of Universal Studios, 2015.
4. Hill Valley High School.
Here's the school under its real name, Whittier High School, in 2015.
5. Hill Valley High School entryway.
Whittier High School entryway.
6. Meeting up with Mr. Strickland in the high school hallway.
The same empty hallway in 2105.
7. This scene comes from just after the battle of the bands audition in the high school gymnasium.
McCambridge Recreation Center, Burbank California, 2015.
8. Lyon Estates, part of the BiffCo Family, 1985.
Lyon estates reality counterpart in 2015.
9. The McFly home in 1985.
Home in San Fernando Valley, 2015.
10. Then it was Twin Pines/ Lone Pine Mall.
Now, it's just a full mall parking lot.
11. Doc Brown Enterprises and Einstein in the empty parking lot.
30 years later, it's another full parking lot.
12. Development of Lyon Estates from Twin Pines Ranch.
Empty fields of what was Twin Pines Ranch.
Even though it's actually just another building at Courthouse Square in Universal Studios.
14. Doc's garage and lab back then.
Doc's garage and lab now.
15. The Brown Mansion.
The Brown Mansion, present day.
16. This house was used as the McFly home of 1955.
In 2015, this is what the home looks like.
17. Marty skating with a modified scooter in 1955.
The same street at Universal Studios in 2015.
18. Marty is chased down the street in 1955.
This street, again, is part of Courthouse Square, Universal Studios.
19. Back then in 1955.
Now, 2015.
20. Marty rocks the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.
The dance actually took place at Hollywood United Methodist Church gym.
21. The site of the famous lightning strike.
Universal Studios street 2015.
22. The beautiful 1955 reflective streets glowing with neon.
The plain streets of Universal Studios, 2015.
23. The back of the iconic DeLorean back in the 50's.
The same street, minus the DeLorean.


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