Thursday, October 29, 2015

This Man Made A Cave House From An 800 Year Old Cave (14 Pics)

Building your own home can create such a sense of pride and satisfaction. There is something about being personally involved in the project that makes the home feel more like your own. Being able to find the perfect piece of property to erect your home on is also a huge bonus. Well this guy right here did both of the those things. Sounds like one hell of a task. Not many people have the ability to construct their own home to today's codes and regulations. Well when you hear this gentleman's story, you will definitely be blown away by what he had to overcome to be able to create his picture perfect dream house. We tend to think of the days when humans lived in dark caves as a thing of the past. This guy had a very specific vision for his dream house though, and he went for it. Check out the pictures of this truly one of a kind cave house. Relaxing in this thing at the end of the day would be a slice of heaven.

This man right here is Angelo Mastropietro. He is 37 year old resident of the United Kingdom. Angelo was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of just 29.

 His MS was brought about by his stress level and unhealthy lifestyle. After he was diagnosed, he wanted a new home that would allow him to relax and live his life in peace. He came across a cave that was for sale in a local property sale book. It was actually the same cave him and some friends had taken shelter in during a rainy bike ride 10 years earlier.

Angelo knew this was fate and decided to buy the cave and turn it into a one of a kind cave house. He bought the cave for around $95k, and spent $153k fixing it up.

Angelo wanted to be hands on with the whole project however, and willed himself to help with the whole thing. The only architectural help he had was his own vivid imagination.

With his MS, the physical labor was very demanding and even dangerous sometimes. For someone without the disease, this kind of physical labor would not present much of a problem. Angelo's illness has left him paralyzed before. So the risk of injury was greater for him than most. He excavated 70 tons of stone during the process of creating this cave house.

This is the new chimney that was put in for Angelo's wood burning stove. This cave was actually inhabited around 70 years ago.

This area of the UK is said to have inspired JRR Tolkien to create Middle Earth. After seeing these pictures it's easy to see why.


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