Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Ice Is Melting On Lake Michigan And Something Amazing Was Discovered. Actually, Several Amazing Things

With the wild popularity of pirate movies and quests for sunken treasure, there is no doubt that sunken ships from the 1800's and early 1900's would pique your interest. The ideals of exploration and reclamation of shipwrecks absolutely fuels the imagination. Whether you're a curious land lover or an amateur scuba diver, these recently photographed vessels are sure to pique your curiosity. With the recent ice melt of the waters of Lake Michigan resulting in unusually clear waters, visibility was amazingly increased to the point that many shipwrecks were visible by helicopter. Manitous Passage Underwater Preserve is one of the richest areas in Michigan if you're interested in shipwreck diving. Michigan's booming lumbering days created a number of sites for shipwreck explorers. These aren't deep sea dives by any means. But the fresh, cool water has preserved some of these Lake Michigan shipwrecks very well. And they're just off the shoreline as shallow as 5-15 feet below the surface.


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