Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Surprising Note Revealed That This Cat Has A Secret Family (25 pics)

A California man found himself surprised after his cat came home with a note attached to it. Once he read the note, he discovered that his cat has been living a secret life with a secret family.

Nala the cat went out to play in the neighborhood just like every other day, however this time...

“[She] came home with this note”

“I don't know who this cat belongs to, but she comes visits [sic] us every few weeks. She'll meow outside our back door until we let her in, she wounds [sic] herself around our legs, walks about the house like it's hers, waits @ the fridge until my husband or I fed [sic] her baloney. She doesn't like our cat food very much! We look forward to her visits. We lost our 21 yr old cat this yr.”

After this note went viral, other people started sharing their stories:


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