Monday, January 18, 2016

The abandoned Antarctic Post Office reopened 50-years earlier “everything was left behind”

In 2013 a woman decided to re-open Antarctica’s Post Office after it had been abandoned over 50 years ago.  The young researcher named Anna Malaos also goes by the name of “Polar Postmistress”.  She works from a hut on Detaille Island on the Antarctic Peninsula that has no telephone, Internet access, electricity, or even running water.

She decided to re-open the Post Office to provide an international mail service.  She works on a small historic British base on a small outcrop of rock.  She is surrounded by icebergs, glaciers, and minke whales every day.  Malaos is an expert in Antarctica and works as an operations manager at the Antarctic Heritage Trust.  She works daily in -10 degrees Celsius and jokes that the temperature makes it quite difficult to stick on stamps.  The Post Office will have to be closed at the end of the season when there is 24-hour darkness.


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